Your Halloween, 2012

Your Halloween, 2012

Every Halloween, as soon as the sun sets, CCTV sends production teams out into our neighborhoods.

Like participants in an Amazing Race, each team grabs a bag full of camera gear, huddles to decide on what part of Cambridge to cover, and then uses every means available to get there as soon as possible. Once at the designated block, the teams seek out willing trick-or-treaters and start filming.

The kids get interviewed about their halloween experience and the parents learn that the tape of the show will be shown on CCTV that very night at 8:00 p.m.

As soon as their taping is over, the teams rush back to CCTV headquarters and place the film into the expert hands of the CCTV staff.

Doing their production magic, and with only minutes to spare, the staff take all of the different clips and merge them together into a one-hour show of shows.

Side note: One easy way for parents to get their kids to stop trick-or-treating by 8:00 p.m. is to tell them they can watch themselves on TV as soon as they get home.

Special bonus: Just in case you missed the 2012 Scary Halloween production on TV, here it is for you to watch over and over again. Just click on the video below.

Recorded live in neighborhoods around Cambridge, our street team interviews young and grownup kids about their costumes, treats, and tricks:

CCTV's Spooky Halloween 2012 from Cambridge Community Television on Vimeo.


See you next Halloween!

(photo by Susana Segat)