Cambridge Gnomes give Halloween Safety Tips - by Greta & Vladimir, Gnomes of 02138

Cambridge Gnomes give Halloween Safety Tips - by Greta & Vladimir, Gnomes of 02138

Vladimir: Are we on? Are we on? Ahem! Hello? Test…

Greta: This is blog, it does not on and off it just is. Like to our own Free Range Gnomes blog…to be there awaiting always for our reader-fans. Now, we must speak of Halloween safety for children…

Vladimir: Much different it feels than our home blog – where is background design? Where are circles of color?

Greta: We now are inside different blog, Vladimir. 02138 blog speaks with different scenery…but we are invited here to talk of Halloween safety

Vladimir: Yes, ahem! Listen now we speak to Safety tips for trick-and-treat for Hallowings…

Greta: I think is called “trick-OR-treat” in candy businesses.

Vladimir: What fun that is? All treats with no tricks! I say “Trick-AND-treat!”

Greta: We must prefer they do not Trick-AND-treat, for we are charged with safeties during Hallowings.

Vladimir: We guard at home, yes, to give treats and protect against pranks -- to scare away them with our fearsomeness. Ha HA! To strike terrors into livers of tricksters! To smite…

Greta: Uh, Vladimir…about Halloween safety… remember we are invited to this blog for to speak of safety for children on this special night…

Vladimir: Ah, but yes, of courses. Safety. So, ahem! On costumes, I will talk four rules about costume safeness:

  1. Very important note to be costumes easy to walk in for children. Not too long or too tight to make dangerous tripping.
  2. Holes in eyes must be big to clearly see out, or better to wear makeup instead of mask for clearer visions.
  3. Costumes be bright in the dark or attach reflector strips so they are seeable at night! Carry Glow stick or flashlight. Me, I carry sword – always to protect and defend!
  4. If child has costume accessory such as knife, sword, arrow, wand, scythe… see it is not sharp, but should be smooth and bendy in case small childrens fall into it.

Greta: Ok, it is my turn. I address safeness around traveling issues.

  1. If childrens old enough to trick-and-treat without chaperoning of adult, they must think to stay in group.
  2. Stay where many people are surround them, not to take short-cuts through alley or parking lot or woods.
  3. Best to devise route ahead of time and ensure childrens stay on route, to visit only houses with lights on and appropriate decorations.
  4. Even as it seems this night belongs to Halloween, children to follow rules still - look both ways before traversing street, obey laws of traffic, cross streets on cross walks and crossing lights.
  5. And of coursely, never NEVER accept from stranger ride or help look for lost dog.

Vladimir: You made five rules, I only make four so now I add one more so we can be even.

5. To speak of Candy. Not to eat of candy which appears opened or interfered with.

Greta: Yes, best to be in original wrappings.

Vladimir: Greta, you step on my rule! It is mine to say – “best to be in original wrappings!”

Greta: Should we advise not to eat much candy at all once time?

Vladimir: Hmm…this advice never listens for. Perhaps best to leave parenting to that subject matter.

Greta: Yes, understanding well. Besides, sometimes tummy ache is effectively teacher.

Greta and Vladimir wish you a yummy and safe Halloween -- their second favorite holiday. (Their first favorite holiday is their birthday, no matter how often I tell them July 23 is not a holiday.) They have worked hard to learn English (Russian is their mother tongue), but it can still come out a bit oddly. We think it’s part of their charm. (Besides, their English is better than our Russian.) Check out their blog to see them in their Halloween costumes, and Happy Halloween!