• Close up photo David Ticchi at microphone

Cambridge Blindness Group's Annual Fundraising Walk Renamed in Honor of Long-Time Cambridge Resident

Cambridge Blindness Group's Annual Fundraising Walk Renamed in Honor of Long-Time Cambridge Resident

There's no greater honor than to have an event you organized for decades named after you. Cambridge's David Ticchi: this one's for you!

Every year, since 1983, like clockwork, the National Federation of the Blind's (NFB) Cambridge Chapter Annual Walk takes place, spearheaded by long-time Cambridge resident David Ticchi. In honor of his 35 years of work, raising a quarter of a million dollars, the NFB Cambridge Chapter voted in their November meeting to change the name of this important annual event to "The Dr. David Ticchi NFB Cambridge Chapter Walk."

Visibly humbled and surprised by the honor, David Ticchi told this reporter, "I am deeply moved by and appreciative of the recognition." During the November meeting, David acknowledged that there are many other members who help pull the Walk together every year. 2018's Walk was the last Walk David Ticchi organized.

The annual NFB Walk raises funds for, among other activities, helping first-time attenders of the week-long annual NFB conference. That conference attracts blind and vision-impaired people worldwide, who gather to learn about new technology and discuss key social and political matters affecting blind and vision-impaired people. Newcomers to the conference report being deeply affected by being around so many blind and vision-impaired people for the first time, often feeling comforted, and inspired towards more confidence about living with the disability. "NFB describes blindness as a characteristic, not the definition of a person. And when I went to the conference for the first time, I suddenly felt I could be fine with being blind. I'm me, and I just happen to be blind," expressed one NFB member, who asked not to be identified. Other activities funded by the Walk include scholarships for college-bound blind students, and expenses for travelling to Washington and lobbying political representatives on matters of import to blind and vision-impaired people. There are also occasional seminars offered to parents of blind children, as well as seminars for blind students.

If you are interested in these or other activities of the NFB's Cambridge Chapter - whether you are blind/vision-impaired or fully sighted - you are warmly invited to attend Cambridge Chapter meetings. These meetings generally happen on the second Monday of every month, from 6-8 p.m., at the Cambridge Citywide Senior Center.