• Photo, brick library facade with construction in progress behind cahin link fence

Pay No Attention to that Fence! The O'Connell Branch (East Cambridge) of the Cambridge Public Library is Open

Pay No Attention to that Fence! The O'Connell Branch (East Cambridge) of the Cambridge Public Library is Open

Come one! Come all! Come browse! The O'Connell branch of the Cambridge Public Library (East Cambridge) is open during park construction

It looks like a construction site, because it is a construction site - but only on the outside. Inside, the O'Connell Branch of the Cambridge Public Library (CPL) on Sixth Street in East Cambridge is open and is as resourceful, welcoming, and historically endearing as ever.

(Image below: Ramp to O'Connell Branch, accessed from Thorndike Street near Sixth Street):
If you've travelled south from Cambridge Street down Sixth Street, you have likely noticed a chain link fence enclosing the exterior construction site for the in-process O'Connell Library Pocket Park. This fence and its active construction has, unfortunately, given the public the impression that the O'Connell branch is closed. But it's open and as full of books, magazines, and resourceful, friendly staff, as ever. During construction, however, you enter the branch from the Thorndike Street (at Sixth Street) ramped entrance, in the parking area behind the library. The ramped entrance is currently open without someone needing to let you in. Library hours, until full opening, are Monday 10 am-6 p.m., Thursday 10 a.m.- 8 p.m., and Friday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. When construction is complete, you can look forward to the O'Connell branch being open Monday through Friday. Jason Yee, Assistant Director of Libraries, reports, "The park is currently on pace to be completed sometime in October."

So come on down to the O'Connell Branch, an historic jewel of East Cambridge. Check out or browse books, magazine, CDs and DVDs, say "hello" to your neighbors and the staff, and, while you are there, take a peek through the chain link fence to see the rapid progress being made on the O'Connell Library pocket park, including the Monarch Butterfly feature lanterns gracing the front area. And here's something to look forward to: The lanterns will light the way in the evenings when the park is complete.