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CCTV's NeighborMedia program supports citizen journalists as they cover their own neighborhoods.

Beverly Mire, Aug 28
Beverly Mire, Aug 27
Catienna Regis combines old-school with new-school
Mary Holbrow, Aug 26
Full Frame Initiative Sponsors Film and Panel
Chris Herold, Aug 25
Part 2 of a 3-part series on affirmative action: How well do our colleges compare with Michigan's?
Lori Jobe, Aug 25
Time for a major revamp of Central Square Public Transit
Lori Jobe, Aug 23
The squeeze on parking in Central Square just got a little tighter.

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Hasson J. Rashid, Aug 28
Public Access TV Station NEWS and Alerts
Ian Scully, Aug 27
Keeping alive the life and legacy of the legendary Cambridge Family Man, Storyteller & Politician Tip O’Neill
Allison Maria Rodriguez, Aug 27
Sunday, September 7th! Don't miss it!
Clodagh Drummey, Aug 26
The silent auction at this year's event features something for everyone.
Chris Lawn, Aug 26
FEATURING: Nelson Mandela International Day, NEW Shorts, Tails Of The City, Movie Of The Week & Donaćion de Óreganos
Frank Morris, Aug 26
4 free classes at CCTV! Which ones will you take?!

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